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„..::Self Promotion Time Again::..„

(Updated: 3/23!)

I would like to announce my first Harry Potter fanfiction called The Malfoy Secret. If you love the Malfoy family as much as I do than drop in and take a look on what life could be like for them fresh out of the war here: The Malfoy Secret.

Rated T (Warning: eventually M for violence and suggestive scenes)

Extended Summary: When a family starts to crumble, secrets are created. When secrets are created, some cause severe emotional harm to others. All elitist pure-blooded families have their share of skeletons in the closet; why would this family be any different? How do they cope with these secrets while they recover from a War in a world where everyone now despises them? Will they change their ways and views or remain the closed minded cold hearted pure bloods forever?

5 Chapters now up!

„..::Bonus Promotions::..„

Here is another lovely Malfoy family fic based on the tale of their lives during the 7th book, slightly AU called: The Logic of Love (and other Fallacies).

By: StoryWriter831

Rated M (Warning: Sexual scenes and attempted rape are mentioned)

Summary: Trying to cope with their family home as headquarters to Voldemort’s new regime, Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco are becoming undone. When a surprise is delivered for the Dark Lord, their world becomes further unhinged when he places his new pet muggle in their care. Will their troubles never end? Or will this perverse little waif become their salvation?


And yet a couple other Malfoy stories with a very interesting twist that parallels the books (somewhat AU) in Draco’s point of view with a blooming romance between he and Hermione called: Father’s Son & Father’s Son II

By: Rocks-my-socks

Rated: Both are T (Warning: character!death)

Father’s Son Summary: AU Narcissa died giving birth to baby Draco. Lucius must raise his son alone.

Father’s Son II Summary: AU. As third year comes to a close, so does the peaceful interlude between the wars. With Draco growing fast, Lucius is more determined than ever to keep him safe. But both are only too aware danger will soon lurk behind every corner for their family.


If you like to read of little Tom Riddle before he became the Dark Lord I would like to recommend my beta’s story called: Tom Riddle and the Scribe of Nurmangard.

By: Expedite

Rated K+

Summary: Grindelwald. The name is synonymous with demon. Darkness. Despair. Dumbledore used to be the one thing standing between him and Britain’s destruction, but after an unknown weapon surfaces, Grindelwald gains the upper hand. Tom Riddle’s first year in the wizarding world may be everyone’s last.


If you love the Drarry that develops very nicely and realistically than might I recommend: Letters to Our Fathers

By: Croweh1

Rated T

Summary: Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy are starting their first year at Hogwarts, Albus has been made a Slytherin. As the boys strike up an awkward friendship, their fathers are going through possibly the toughest times of their lives since the war. Draco is going through a divorce. Harry is fighting with Ginny. Can their sons’ friendship help create a bond between the two old rivals?


Last but not least to my Dramione fans, if you like the more sad “forbidden love” kind of story I’d definitely recommend: Lineage.

By: julian-juliana

Rated T (Warning: character!death)

Summary: Following the unexpected death of their son, Lucius and Narcissa embark on an investigation after coming across a series of questionable bank statements belonging to Draco. The investigation will lead the Malfoys thousands of miles away from home and will help them receive closure from losing their only child.

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